Friday, 14 December 2012

A bit about Boot Camp

It is now a week since we did boot camp. We googled several versions on the internet and found what we thought would suit us...............boy were we wrong! We decided to make our own version that would suit us better and it worked brilliantly! My day started at 9am making breakfast, i basically had a timetable to work to all day. This included 6 spankings, chores and lines. It sounds horrible.....but it is supposed to be. Remember this is consented. Its kind of like a long version of a maintenence spanking, a 'this is what will happen if you don't follow the rules', it is a catch up and to evaluate how DD is going. It was unpleasant and tiring at times but i know that i needed it and now Domestic Discipline is back on track for us. I could write for ever about Boot Camp but it will be easier if you ask me any questions you may have! Princess x

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