Monday, 14 January 2013

SirDD's post.

SirDD touched on several issues in his post and there is one aspect that i would like to touch on. I too could not imagine myself living without a Domestic Discipline lifestyle, i have tried it and it certainly does not make me happy or content to live without it. For whatever reason, this is the way i am and i know what i need for me to have a happy relationship.

The point SirDD touched on was the lack of communication that is out there for people who live this lifestyle. There are many blogs, websites with chat facilities etc where we can chat to other DD couples but i wonder if we will see the day when this kind of lifestyle is accepted by society.

I know that my friends and family would be horrified to know what kind of lifestyle i was living as they simply wouldn't understand it and would more than likely see it as abuse or as some kind of bullying, which we all know is not the case.

Sometimes, i would love to be able to tell my closest friends about my life ( It may well benefit some of them!) but there is a fear of being thought of as being strange or under some kind of control that is not welcomed.

The life that we lead makes for better communication, there are few arguments, everyone knows their role and the love and closeness is amazing. It is sometimes frustrating that other couples do not even know about Domestic Discipline as it makes for an amazing relationship.

Maybe, who knows one day Domestic Discipline will be seen as a normal, loving way of life and not something that needs to be hidden,

Princess x


  1. We can only hope 1950s Princess :)


  2. I came up DD in a book I was reading. I didn't have the greatest reaction at my first exposure to it but I am someone who wants to understand even if I don't necessarily agree with it. I have done a lot of reading and feel like I understand it more the appeal and couples choose to live this lifestyle. I am actually finding myself attracted to this lifestyle but like you (regarding this post) do not have people surrounding me that would understand or who would openly reproach me for my choices regarding DD. As I have thrown the concept out there just for a reaction and explained a little but didn't admit that I find it interesting and appealing to me. Glad there are these blogs so that I figure out what I want and like about it and work on with the person I choose to have in my life. Thanks for posting this.


  3. I too found blogs like this very helpfull when i started into DD. It is a fantastic lifestyle and I'm so glad my blog is helping you,

    Princess x