Saturday, 13 April 2013

Sex and Punishment by SirDD

I know Princess has mentioned this before but I thought I might say a few words on the difference between DD and sex, as far as we are concerned within our relationship.

As I have said before, Domestic Discipline was new to me when I met Princess and we have now gotten our DD relationship to a point where it is how we want it to be......for now......maybe, because as we all know DD is a forever changing dynamic.

We have always separated sex and punishment, that is not to say that when princess is laid over me almost half naked ready for a spanking that it doesn't have an effect, I am only human after all and very much in love with this beautiful woman, but when I am punishing Princess I am in the frame of mind that I will not take any hassle and I intend to ensure that the punishment is carried out properly for maximum effect.
This means that we have deliberately kept the two separated, so as not to cross or blur any lines. Punishment is not supposed to be nice and sex is not supposed to be a punishment.

We know that other couples get turned on by the punishment aspect and we know that it could do so for us as well, but we are happier with our way as it helps to keep things clear.

So does sex come into your DD relationship as a part of punishment, does punishment turn you on? I welcome your thoughts.



  1. I appreciate that it must be hard for Sir to keep the two seperate. I am glad that we are able to as this would not work for us if we didn't. I need a clear definition between punishment and pleasure for me to be truly happy and submissive,

    Princess x

    1. hey babe !!!! its me marra I'm back ! god so much has changed !

  2. I don't actually get turned on, right then and there, by punishment spanking; Rose does not, either, even though she does like to get her arse smacked in sex play, and fairly hard, too. HOWEVER, my feeling is that spanking in DD works because it's basically sexual. How could it not be? It generates mutual attraction, in spite of being something of a deterrent to most. We notice the longer term effects when the immediate painful sensations have subsided, in both HoH and wife.

  3. I have been a spanko for as far as I can remember and yes spanking Bobbie is a turn on for me but like you when it is used as a punishment no we do not have sex afterwards.
    Bobbie felt that if we had sex no mater when she got spanked that it would blur the line between gg and bg spankings