Sunday, 23 December 2012

Types of punishments

I just thought i would say a few words on the type of punishments we use in our Domestic Discipline relationship. SirDD is always fair and the most important thing is that he never ever punishes in anger. As we all know spanking is one of the main punishments but there are others that can be used ( as we do) just as much, they are as follows:

1) Lines- This is used mainly for forgetfulness, not keeping to chores list, swearing.

2) Spanking- Used mainly for bratty behaviour, talking back and disrespect ie raising voice.

3) Corner time- Again used for talking back or not listening.

4) Bedroom time- Continued forgetfulness or really, really upsetting SirDD, to think about my actions.

5) Essays- These are used for apoloigising to SirDD for my behaviour.

Those are the 5 punishments we use mainly. I am yet to be grounded ( which is an option) or have any priviledges taken away from me, tv, pc etc. These work really well for us and have not really changed since we started Domestic Discipline. I hate lines and corner time the most........although having said that i hate them all!!!! That after all is the whole point!!!!

Princess x


  1. Princess ... I just want to say that I TOTALLY agree that punishing in anger is not good. It shatters the trust between a couple and it also shatters the heart of the wife.

  2. That is so so true Vanessa, thank you for your comment,

    Princess x