Friday, 21 December 2012


As promised here is my article on spanking. This is how we do things and i am sure that you all have different ways of handling this situation. When we had decided that DD was the way we wanted to go we discussed spanking. As we all know spanking is one of the most commonly used punishments in a DD relationship. We made many mistakes at first and believe me it is trial and error!

We saw an article on the net which we thought would suit us, it consisted of spanking then rubbing the bottom then more spanking, it also included implements. We used this method for quite a long time, then we realised it wasn't working. I can take quite a lot when it comes to spanking and they were not having much effect on me. My behaviour after a spanking wasn't improving, in fact it would make me more bratty.

So we came up with our own system, no breaks but constant spanking as follows,

Mild- 5 minute spanking
Medium- 10 minute spanking
Hard-  15 minute spanking
Severe- 15 minute spanking and 3 minutes with an implement.

May i also say that all spankings are carried out with SirDD using his hand, he is a strong man and is able to spank for long periods of time. This works really well for us but it did take a long time to get it right. Spanking is used by SirDD mainly for disrespect, bratty behaviour and extreme behaviour, ie being bratty for a long period of time, say over a week.

As i said it is a lot of trial and error, spankings are now something i dread and they do have an effect. We came up with this method together and it certainly works! It is hard at first but SirDD now knows my body language and knows when it is hurting or not, or if i am faking it! SirDD felt very uncomfortable at first but it is now second nature to him and it is now incorporated really well into our DD life.

Princess x


  1. Hi Princess x,

    it is great that you both have found a way to better your behavior for a long time. It is wonderful that you can absolutely confide in him and his decision to spank you for the purpose of strenghthening your marriage. Good luck!

    Best regards


  2. Thank you Michael, this lifestyle takes a lot of trial and error but it always works out in the end!

    Princess x