Saturday, 22 December 2012

Consistency.......sometimes it's hard!

We all know that one of the most important aspects in a Domestic Discipline relationship is consistency. SirDD is very consistent with rules and punishments but sometimes life gets in the way!

An example of this is that last week i was given lines for smoking in bed, 2 nights in a row we both completely forgot about the lines. As for everyone it is a busy time of year and it just went out of our minds. This happens very rarely but as i said sometimes it does happen.

SirDD did make me do an hour bedroom time for not doing them on time and the lines are now done. A punishment should be carried out as soon as possible otherwise it tends to loose its meaning and also does not have as much of an effect. That's what i find anyway.

We all have busy lives and sometimes it can be hard for both parties, especially the HoH who has to make sure the punishment is carried out. I am going to try a lot harder from now on to make sure i do not forget to do what i have been asked.

Domestic Discipline is a huge part of our lives but also just a part of it and sometimes we all forget and other matters get in the way! I have a bad memory anyway! Maybe i will make my new years resolution to try not to forget things!

Princess x

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