Sunday, 30 December 2012

Daddy Daughter Dynamic

I just wanted to explain a little more in depth about our Domestic Discipline relationship. We also have a Daddy Daughter Dynamic within that. I would like to stress at this point that this is not age play in anyway and is, like DD no way sexual. To me both DD's go hand in hand with each other. Having rules and consequences is something that one would do with a teenager who lived at home.

The two are very similar, indeed Domestic Discipline without knowing it can be very Daddy Daughter focused. When i am in a bratty phase i often feel as if i am being a rebelious teenager, kicking up against authority and i know that SirDD feels that he is acting like a father figure during these times.

The rules, discipline and consequences in a DD relationship to me are more or less the same as in a Daddy dynamic. I was often confused as to which DD i wanted and what i wanted exactly untill i realised that for us and me not knowing it, the two go hand in hand!

This adds even more depth to our relationship, in no way am i a child, i am a responsble, hard working adult. I know what i need and having both in our lives works brilliantly for us,

Princess x


  1. It does my beautiful princess xxxx

  2. Ward and I are also D/lg.We're a real mix of dynamics - D/s, DD and D/lg. Like you, there is nothing sexual about that aspect of our relationship, It is not about ageplay at all. For us it is maybe a level of trust and reliance, it's most hard to describe or explain. I just know that he is my Daddy, and I am most lucky to be his little girl.

    1. hmmm - hate missing half what I wanted to say, lol...also a particular vulnerability inherent in the D/lg dynamic. I am in no way I child either, I am also responsible & hardworking (2 jobs, FT university student, homemaker). Maybe it feeds nicely into the HoH/TiH thing. Whatever it is, as you said, it works stupendously for us.

  3. I understand it is very hard to explain but we all know what we mean by it! As you say there are many dynamics and it is what works best for the couple. I like you with your partner am so lucky and happy to be SirDD's girl!

    Princess x