Saturday, 15 December 2012

More about Boot Camp

Myself and Sir decided that the time was right for us to try Boot Camp, we researched and planned a time when we could set aside a weekend to be able to do it properly. We have been a DD couple for 9 months and it is something we use regularly inside our relationship.
 We started the Boot Camp on a Friday for a 2 day period.We found a version we thought would suit us.It was something that I was not looking forward too and found the entire experience disappointing. The spankings were not hard or long enough, the homework/discussions is something we do on a daily basis anyway, as we normally and openly discuss anything we feel on a daily basis, we felt that during the weekend that we were going over old ground, hence it wasn't working for us. I then was asked by Sir to write an essay on what i wanted, expected and what my idea of a Boot Camp was to be. We then sat down separately and re wrote a Boot Camp of our own.
 When reading and discussing the results we found that Sir's was rather tame and that mine was much more intense. After this we discussed, change and mixed the two together to allow us to have our own tailor made Boot Camp, which would be a deterrent to me in the future. We have tested out Boot Camp and it has worked extremely well, I feel that the spankings and tasks are something that I will not look forward to in future. Before I write our itinerary please understand that I have a high pain threshold, I have been in DD for most of my adult life and i know my limits
 My idea of heaven is what we describe as the 1950's housewife, who keeps an immaculate house who pleases her HoH (Head of Household) but without being a slave, that is not what Domestic Discipline is about. Sir does help around the house with most things, but during the working week, I prefer to have everything done by the time Sir gets home from work, even though I work too. This is my choice and the way I want things.
 Also that this version of Boot Camp is 80% my idea and Sir actually removed some of my ideas when Sir rewrote the final version, so here we go (apologies for the Military timings,Sir is in the army)

 0900 - Princess up, make coffee and Breakfast
 0930 - Breakfast on table, then cleaned away and dishes done by 1000
 1000 - 10 minute Spanking (5 mins, 1 min rubbing, 4 minutes)
 1015 - 1100 - Ablutions (shower, clean teeth, etc)
 1100 - 10 minute Spanking (as above)
 1115 - 1215 - Princess house work/chores (to be checked by Sir)
 1215 - 1245 - Essay of Sir's choosing
 1245 - 1300 - Read and discuss Essay
 1300 - 1400 - Princess prepare lunch, to be cleared and dishes done by 1400
 1415 - 15 minute Spanking (5 mins, 1 min rubbing, 5 mins, 1 min rubbing, 3 mins)
 1445 - 1515 - Princess write lines (to be checked by Sir)
 1520 - 5 minute Spanking
 1530 - Break
 1700 - 1830 - Princess prepare evening meal, to be cleared away and dishes done by 1830
 1900 - 1930 - Princess writes lines (to be checked by Sir)
 1930 - 15 minute Spanking (as above)
 2000 - Discussion (on anything chosen by either on any subject DD related)
 2100 - 10 minute Spanking (as above) then break until bedtime

 This may seem harsh but this is what I need and want for something to be a real Boot Camp for both of us. Sir has always preferred other punishments to Spankings, which has always frustrated me, but after this experience, no more, Sir is now more than happy to spank more regularly in future. I am happy, I did not enjoy the experience, which is what I wanted in the first place, as I want it to be a deterrent for the future. We both agreed on this and it was a join conclusion we came to. This is purely what works for us. This is our Boot Camp and I welcome any comments.

Princess x


  1. While Im not in a DD home... we have had spanking weekends where she will spank me multiple times with hairbrush, paddle or cane. Goal is to be very sore by Mobday morning.

  2. I'm not a boot camp person because I work hard to please and pleasure my HoH everyday.
    I write a blog and a journal for him every day.
    But I think your weekend boot camp seemed to be a good exercise in submission and obedience which are the maim tools in DD for changing the wife's negative behavior.
    I'm happy to see that there was nothing to humiliate your only to humble you. That is what we think is important!
    Good luck on your journey into this fantastic lifestyle.
    Jack's Jill

  3. Lmao, Trolls = worm type creatures that live in the dark, are horrible little spotty creatures with no regard for anyone else but themselves, normally their blogs are a mild annoyance but this one is informative and funny, thanks scumbag!

  4. Princess...sorry I took so long to see your site...had a computer malfunction...Anyway...what you and your Sir did is what boot camp is..what works for you...the same as we did...I'm glad that it had an impact on both of you and that you are on a better path now...Good luck and keep your bottom warm...LOL...