Monday, 14 January 2013

A post from SirDD What is normal?

What is Normal ? By SirDD

What is normal? I have been in the Armed Forces for over 20 years and in that time I have travelled around the world. I have witnessed and experienced many different values of life and relationships, with different cultures in different countries.

What one man may think is acceptable in his society, another man may think is heinous. I have travelled to countries where women are openly beaten in the streets for a perceived infraction. This to me is heinous and my own personal beliefs do not agree with practices like this.
I also do not understand the thinking of men who deliberately hurt women (without their consent) for their own gratification.
But wondering how I feel about that lifestyle makes me wonder what others may think of me spanking my partner.

I am a normal man, with normal values on decency and life. I have served and protected my Country and would defend those I love with everything that I have. I deeply value my loved ones, my home and my possessions. I have a negative outlook on organised religion, but do not hold or preach my views to others, each to his or her own, freedom of choice!!

This lifestyle was introduced to me by 1950’s Princess when we first met, I had never heard of it and I had definitely never practiced it. Now though I could not imagine being with Princess without Domestic Discipline being part of our lives. I have often wondered how my life might be different if I had heard of this lifestyle and used it in the past.
Now I know there may be men out there who may see this lifestyle as assault or that we rule our partners by violence, but as DD is all about co operation, communication, and consistency with respect, trust and consent, this view couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact I have found that it is often the partner/princess, not the HoH, that brings up any issues or possible changes in the relationship or DD.

Princess has always told me that she needs this lifestyle, it is not a choice. She needs to be kept in line and needs to know that there are consistent and fair punishments if she misbehaves or breaks the rules. I know that it works and I also know that I am happier now than I have ever been.

This lifestyle for me is now normal, but not something I could chat to other people about because of their perceived misconceptions, which is a shame, because I know many couples that would benefit from a life of Domestic Discipline and be as happy as we are.



  1. Thank you Sir for your input!

    Princess xxx

  2. Thanks for sharing SirDD. That was great to read :)


  3. Well said! Thank you