Thursday, 20 December 2012


I am SirDD (1950's Princess's partner) and I thought I would add something to her new blog.

When I met Princess I knew very little about DD and before talking to her, pre-meeting, I didn't know that anything of this kind existed.  I researched and read many sites, trying to get my head around and to understand what was being asked of me.
I have been brought up with sisters, been in several relationships and have always been told that "a man never hits a women" by a strong father who's advice I have always lived by. So the initial idea of Domestic Discipline was alien to me, that is not to say that I wasn't curious.

My life has been about discipline, being the son of a soldier and being in the Army for over 20 years myself. I have been in charge of my own children and Soldiers, so have always been in a position to hand out both fatherly and military discipline when required. From the beginning I never thought as DD as a sexual thing, mainly due to my disciplined lifestyle.
The initial idea of DD worried me, thinking that I would have to spank a full grown woman, someone that I initially cared for and now love with body and soul, the same woman with whom I am planning to marry and spend the rest of my life with.

We started slowly, making lots of rules, then the rules changing (especially the wording as Princess loves to try and get out of things by picking at the wording of any rule). We now have the four D's as previous mentioned by Princess. We have done Boot Camp, found it not to our liking and have now rewritten our own Boot Camp to suit our needs and to act as a true deterrent to Princess.
I learned what being the Head of Household (HoH) meant and how to enforce my word without being draconian as we are not a BDSM or Master/Slave couple.
I have got it wrong on occasions, I have spanked too softly and I have spanked too hard, we have tried implements but we have since realised that those are not required as I am quite a stocky and powerful man and my hand is more than sufficient to carry out the job.

I now truly know that I have found my soul mate, I have found that the Domestic Discipline lifestyle suits me, even though I didn't know about it before.  DD has removed the power struggle out of the home, there is no argument as to who is in charge (as there has been in the past as I like strong willed women, and believe me.....Princess is strong willed!!)
I realise that if many more couples lived this lifestyle that there would be less divorce, less dis harmony and more log term relationships as this lifestyle isn't only about discipline, but is mostly about communication and rewarding.
I have no problems spanking Princess when required (mainly due to the Boot Camp experience) and my aim is to be fair and consistent with Discipline and I listen to any reasoned argument, but am not always swayed by them.

I hope you all enjoy reading this blog and I would like to remind all the HoH's that all discipline is never to be carried out in anger, that it is to be fair and the consistency is the most important aspect of our role, consistency leads to harmony and this is what a life together is about, love and harmony.



  1. My fireman agrees. He swore when we first began ttwd he'd never discipline when angry. He had to walk away from me once during an argument. I didn't know at the time, but it was for my benefit. That's when we had a long talk about it.
    Great post :)

    1. Thank you Elle, communication is the best part of our DD relationship. And good to hear it from another HoH


  2. Very nice... thanks for your thoughts!

  3. Not a problem! SirDD will be posting occasionally!

    Princess x

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