Friday, 14 December 2012

How Domestic Discipline improves a relationship

As i have said before a Domestic Discipline relationship is wonderful, i have thought many times as to why and have come to a few conclusions. Again, there is no power struggle. Women now a days try to be and do everything,there is nothing wrong with this if it makes you happy. I work and have a family but i like to look after my partner, To me there is nothing more satisfying than doing everyday things for your partner. Also i feel for the man, he should be in charge at all times. I see a lot of women in public treating their man badly, it happens a lot and this to me is wrong. My partner respects me but i know my limits, having boundaries makes me and him can change a lot in a relationship for these reasons. Domestic Discipline to me is the way society should be going. Princess.x

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  1. I totally agree with all you said above. I think every wife will need a spanking from time to time.