Thursday, 13 December 2012

Domestic Discipline????

Ok so as promised here is a little more about myself and my partner. We are both sane, normal, working guys. We are no different to anyone else these days just trying to get through life as best we can. I discovered Domestic Discipline in my early 20's and even then i knew this was exactly the lifestyle i was looking for. I NEED not WANT to be with a strong man, not a bully, just a man who likes traditional roles within a family. I am not a doormat, i do get great satisfaction knowing i keep a clean home and do my job well. Its about structure, rules and discipline, the way it used to be. Hence the 1950's name. It is the most satisfying lifestyle, there is no power struggle, plus the communication levels are superb. I think a lot of couples would benefit alot from this lifestyle but at the moment it is not mainstream or really accepted by society. Those of us who live it are so so happy we wish more people knew about it..........hence this blog! That is it for now............. Princess

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