Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Angry,Upset, Crying, Annoyed

Ok so here goes......................

Myself and SirDD chatted once about an event happening in the future with some friends and i said it was fine for them to stay over for one night......which it is completely fine. Nothing was certain or set in stone. Then ( bearing in mind it is our place they are staying in) i get a message from SirDD saying that they are staying for the whole weekend, again, fine with me been looking forward to it very much but.........i was not asked if this was ok, is this right? Not only that, the email that he sent had a detailed plan of what he wanted to do that weekend......was i asked once? no! Theres more! I then notice that I am the last to recieve this mail! Now apart from anything else this is damn rude!

Now....bear with me guys! Rule number 1 of our agreement...signed by BOTH of us says that we should tell each other im thinking that he has now broken a rule...when i put this to him he says that he has not broken a rule, that it was a "misunderstanding" and that he had not broken a rule.

Over the weekend i was apparantly bratty........shall i say this was a misunderstanding on his part? It seems to work for him! Am i making sense here people!? So when he breaks a rule its a misunderstanding, when i break one I get punished? Seems wrong to me.

I am due to get spanked tonight for the apparent brattiness at the weekend but i suggested that this didnt happen due to what he did today. I suggested this and was told by him to " stop going on about it". So........I am confused?????? The punishment is still going ahead which i think is very unfair, to me i am not allowed an opinion as i am basically told to shut up if i have one, when i say nothing and keep quiet i am accussed of sulking! What am i suppossed to do??? help me out here i cannot see how to do the right thing as everytime i try it seems to be wrong.

Please excuse the spelling mistakes in this......i was mad/upset when writing this,



  1. I am just going to answer honestly and you might not like it...
    He did tell you, so it wasn't a broken rule on his part. If I'm reading correctly, the 'rule' is to tell you and fill you in on what's going on. You might not like it, but he made a decision.
    I think you have every right to ask him why he didn't talk to you about it first. And I do understand that you're mad about the whole situations, so get in a call frame of mind first.
    Good luck,

  2. thankyou elle, to be honest its an on going problem of him always thinking he is right, even when its in black and white that hes wrong. also i was more upset that arrangements were made without even a quick txt to check it was ok, yes i had agreed one night was fine but not the whole weekend. i have childcare to sort out, anyway will keep you posted.

    princess x

  3. I have to say I don't feel too optimistic for you in this relationship, Princess. I know from bitter experience how hard life can become when your partner never admits he is wrong.

  4. I am not in a DD relationship, however my understanding of this relationship is that one it is consensual and two it is to enhance the relationship, everything done out of love. That does not appear to be the dynamic here. SirDD seems to be a dictator. That is not at the heart of a true DD relationship. If you are not happy, then don't let this go on. Take a break from the discipline and work on the other parts first. Good Luck