Saturday, 26 January 2013

My Road To DD

I have been asked in the past how I got into Domestic Discipline and I thought I would share it with you all. I remember at about the age of 12 or so having feelings that I wanted to be with a certain type of man, a strong man, a leader. I was not aware though at this young age that this was unusual, I think most women look for those qualities as they do with love and respect.

As I got older, especially in my teens the feelings not only were still there but were getting stronger I knew what I wanted and what I needed but I was not aware that what I was looking for had a name to it. I thought it was just the way that I was feeling. It was around my teens as with most that I started dating and I put my feelings aside and almost forgot about them. I thought that finding a loving, strong, caring man who would also be in charge and have rules and punishments was all in my head and something that i would never find.

Then I discovered the internet........This may sound dramatic but it changed everything for me! After which seems like about a year of searching i found that there was such a lifestyle known as Domestic Discipline and that there were people who were looking for the same as me.

It is easier now a days to find such a relationship, though it is still hard as many people do not understand the concept but the web has made it a lot easier......without the internet I would never have met SirDD and not know as much as I do about DD and living the lifestyle. I may of met my match in the end but I believe it would have taken a lot longer and been far less likely to have found what i wanted,

So that's how I came to DD and I wouldn't change a thing!

Princess x

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