Saturday, 26 January 2013

Double standards.

So as you all know we have the four Ds as our rules one of which is disrespect. I wonder people what you thInk would happen to me if i told SirDd to shut up?? The good news is that i havnt! Yet he has told me to shut what should be his consequence? He thinks it is ok but i am hurt by it.....double standards i think. Princess x


  1. Shut up is just rude and frankly disrespectful. Respect should go both ways.

  2. Couldn't agree more. Thankyou for your comment. I would be in so much trouble if i did it! Yet SirDD thinks it is not a big deal. As you said respect should be both ways.

    Princess x

  3. Yes princess, Respect should be both ways, if I ask you to leave a subject alone, repeatedly, and you don't, you keep bringing it up (events that happened years before we even knew each other) then yes, I may and did eventually snap. These comments you make are detrimental to the relationship and I have asked you to stop on many occasions, but you continue, so detrimental behaviour and works both ways my love xxx

  4. I agree that shut up is disrespectful. Mr. Woods tells me to shut up sometimes when were "playing" and being extra rough...difference is, I love it! If you dont, its a problem.

    If this was said in response to you bringing up the past, I would say you two should discuss those things from the past. It sounds like there may still be some hurt feelings and resentment, which, in my opinion, is what is detrimental to the relationship. Maybe she needs to approach the subject in a different manner, but she should feel safe to do so. :)