Tuesday, 15 January 2013

How to be a good HoH

As promised here is my article on what a woman looks for in an HOH and please bear in my that this is just my opinion! There are many important factors in being a good HOH and the first and most important one is consistency, this comes up time and time again in Domestic Discipline blogs.

The reason for me why this is so important is that if the HOH is consistent with rules and punishments then I know exactly where I stand and what my role is. If there is no consistency then to me DD will not work. To punish for an infraction one day and then not to the next is confusing and can send messages that the HOH is not wanting DD 100% or that he is finding it difficult.

I need structure in my life, it is black and white for me with no grey area. When things are working this way I am happy and content. When it isn't it feels like I'm not sure what my place is. This then leads to my brattiness creeping back in and me starting to test SirDD. Let me just say though that I am naturally bratty and this will never go completely, it is part of who I am!

Communication for me is also key. When brattiness does start creeping in it is normally ( though not always) for a reason. To have an HOH who is always prepared to listen as in any relationship is very important. The fantastic communication that comes from Domestic Discipline is amazing.

Domestic Discipline is part of a loving relationship and knowing that your HOH is in control because he loves you and wants what is best for you is also key. I am always safe in the knowledge that SirDD does what he does for us and because without it we would not be as happy as we are.

So.....how to be a good HOH? Love and Consistency and communication, with those three it makes for an outstanding relationship,

Princess x


  1. Good thoughts on what you want/need in a HoH.

    I just found your blog and it's quite interesting.
    I'd love for you to follow my blog, as well.



  2. Hi and thank you i will follow your blog too. Please do join mine.

    Princess x