Sunday, 30 March 2014

What is DD?

What is Domestic Discipline? Domestic Discipline when starting out can seem quite complicated, although it is in fact very simple. Domestic Discipline or DD, is a male led relationship (it can be female led, but this site is concerned with the male led relationship) where the woman has a set or rules to live by decided by the husband or Head of Household (HoH). Seems scary? It can be! The thought of an old fashioned relationship to most would shock them, hence why many DD couples lead a secret life which only they know about! The woman as i said has a set of rules to live by which are determined by the husband, with the wife having an imput. If any of these rules are broken then the wife is punished by the husband/HoH. This can be anything from spanking, grounding, corner time, lines or loss of priviledges. The rules can range from anything to keeping the house tidy to having to be in bed at a certain time. Most DD couples have what is known as the 4 D's as their rules, these are: Disrespect Dishonesty Disobedience Dangerous These are mostly self explanatory, and simplifies the rules process in DD. Of course if you feel you need to have certain more specific rules these can be added to these main 4 but most rules come under these 4 headings. Then we come to punishments........ Again these are down to personal choice but as mentioned the main punishment in most DD relationships is spanking. The thought to most grown women of getting a spanking in an adult relationship is unthinkable but in DD it is one of the main punishments used. Believe it or not, it is very effective and like myself those women who need Domestic Discipline also need Spanking in order to feel happy and fulfilled. I will talk more about Punishments at a later date. A QUICK WORD ON WHAT DD IS NOT DD IS NOT ABUSE, IT IS NOT AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP

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