Friday, 19 April 2013


Something has occurred to me over the last few weeks. As I have mentioned before apart from DD we also have a Daddy Daughter dynamic to our relationship. To start with this was a very small part of our relationship but it seems now that it has become as important as Domestic Discipline.

I have noticed that although I call SirDD Sir occasionally, I now call SirDD Daddy most of the time. I was wondering why this could be??? As with Domestic Discipline and with many other our relationship is always evolving and changing for the better and perhaps this is just a natural progression? Maybe, as we have now been with each other a year we have just settle into this and become more comfortable with each other.

SirDD hasn't changed what he calls me, I will always be his Princess!

Anyone else experienced any of these changes, has your relationship changed into something you were not expecting? Over to you!

Princess x

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  1. Hi Princess! My answer is yes! I originally called Mr. by his name the first three months, then his nickname, a year later Boo, another two years it was Daddy, and presently depending on the situation it varies among: sir, Daddy, or My King!