Wednesday, 6 February 2013

New Rules

As promised here are our new rules, apologies for the delay in posting them! As you can see it is very in depth and SirDD has left nothing out! He knows me too well!!!


We have the binding 4 rules, the 4 D’s which are:

Dangerous or Damaging behaviour

These are our binding rules but below I have added some more personnel rules more suited to our life together and to our specific needs.

1.       Share everything with your Daddy, without exception, this means financial issues, problems, concerns, things that make you happy, and things that make you sad. 
*        In return we will sit down and discuss how to address any problems or bringing anything into our lifestyle that excites you or makes you happy, so long as it isn’t detrimental to our relationship or make one of us unhappy.

2.       You must respect Daddy whenever you speak to him, this means no raising your voice, no swearing, no sarcasm (apart from in fun), no rudeness, no nagging and no over the top reactions, no mocking, no false accusations and no using past events as tools or weapons.
*        In return I will allow you time to think and calm down, we both know that you stress more than me, you are naturally hot headed and you tend to sulk, so if I feel that you are breaking the rules I will send you away for 30 minutes Bedroom Time. Once this is complete we can sit down and discuss the issue calmly.

3.       When told to do something you will do it immediately and expect and accept punishment if you fail to follow my instructions.
*        In return I will allow a reasonable amount of discussion (complaint), as long as it is done respectfully, and that during this time of discussion that you will continue to prepare to do that which you have been instructed to do.

4.       You may refer to me as xxxx, xxxxx, Daddy or Sir. Never anything else unless we are playing and never any derogatory names.
*        In return I will always refer to you as xxxx, Princess or a name which is complimentary to you, and that I will discipline you any time you fail to address me properly.

5.       Tell me if you are feeling ignored. Do not play up or sulk if you feel that my attention is elsewhere, ensure that you tell me and allow me to finish what I am doing.
*        In return I will give you my undivided attention when you wish to speak with me, as long as you are not shouting, in which case you will be sent away for 30 minutes bedroom Time to calm down. You must tell me if you want attention or if you feel that you are not getting enough of it, as Daddy is not a mind reader.

6.       Bedtime for Princess and Daddy on week nights will ideally be 1030, but for whatever reason it will be no later than 1100. There will be no set bedtime on weekends.
*        In return I will be to ensure that anything that I have asked of you does not go into our bedtime and I will try to ensure that we are in bed for 1030 every school night.

7.       Blogging/Internet/Diary: Each week you enjoy your time to blog, write your diary (minimum 2 entries per week), or chat to people on Fb or LDD, but the computer must be turned off by 1015 every week night.
*        In return I will allow you the freedom to write your blog, to internet surf and to spend time online, unless you have been barred as punishment or part of a punishment.

8.       Eat healthily and ensure that your Daddy and xxxxx eat healthily as well. Ensure that you prepare and pack all packed lunches the evening before for xxxxx and Daddy.
*        In return I understand that our meals at home will be your decision. You will have complete control over this aspect of our lives with one exception……Once a month (near the beginning) I would like to be able to take you out to eat, this meal does not have to be expensive, but I would like to try different restaurants in the area.

9.       No consumption of alcohol without permission.
*        In return I will not withhold permission without reason. We are both to bear in mind that you have been diagnosed with ‘high blood pressure’ and that too much alcohol is bad for it. Remembering that Permission may be withheld as punishment or as part of a punishment.

10.    Ensure that the house is clean and tidy when I come home from work, ensure that you complete your Job List everyday before bedtime, without complaint. As you know your’ (changeable) working hours better than me, you must keep on top of your jobs list and change it as required, ensuring that all jobs around the house are done.
*        In return I will help where I can, I will keep my side of the bed tidy, I will help you clean the flat on Saturdays and I will tidy as I go throughout the week. I will listen to any comments if you feel overstretched with work and home, I will however punish you for any complaints or whinges beyond that. I will also write a list of jobs that must be completed twice weekly, it is up to you, when and how dependant on your working hours.

11.    When Daddy asks you a question, no refusal to answer, no ignoring and no nonchalant answers. (i.e. “what ever you want!!”?).
*        In return I will give you time to answer, if you are upset and do not wish to talk, I will allow you 30 minutes Bedroom Time to think about your answer.

12.    Ensure that your nails are done, that you are dressed femininely and that you are presentable and pretty when I come home from work. You should also remember that you do have dresses as well as jeans/trousers and I expect you to wear them. (If you require more dresses then we should buy you some more). You are a beautiful woman and I would like to be able to admire your beauty.
*        In return I will always admire, love protect and desire you. You are the only woman for me for now and forever. I will do my utmost to protect, love and respect you from this day until the day we part through death.

Daddy is not perfect, Daddy is not infallible, so if daddy makes a mistake he will reward Princess with something to make up for it to show Princess how sorry he is.


Punishments will be carried out after xxxxxxx has gone to bed. Swats will be carried out immediately and Spanks will be carried out on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to Sunday (Any time that xxxxxxxxx is not with us).

Maintenance will be carried out on a Wednesday when xxxxxxxxx is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, maintenance will consist of a spanking (TTBC by HoH) and may be followed by lines, essay or another task as decided by Daddy dependant on the behaviour of Princess.

Punishments will be completed with little fuss and little argument. Princess will not request or nag to know what punishment is coming, Daddy will tell her in his own time when he has decided, if Princess wishes to break any of the above rules it will result in further and more severe punishments.

If Princess does not agree then she may appeal but the final decision is with Sir/Daddy. Once this decision has been made, complete compliance and submission is expected otherwise further punishments will be incurred.

Jobs List

To be completed twice weekly

Living Room
Dude Bedroom
Our Bedroom
Walls, to include cobwebs on the ceiling
Hallway Closet

To be completed once per week

Kitchen Cupboards
Defrost Freezer (If Required)
Hallway/Airing Cupboard
Dude Wardrobe
Our Wardrobe


Daddy                                                                                                       Princess

………………………………………..                                                                    ………………………………………..

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