Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Illness and DD

I had a routine appointment this week at my doctors and have found out that i have high blood pressure so i am making a few drastic changes. As from tomorrow i am starting a tablet to help me quit smoking i am a healthy weight and am fit so that is not an issue. I don't drink a great deal so that is fine but i do stress a lot.

We will not change anything about our DD lifestyle and things will carry on as they are. In fact having DD in place at this time will help as it will keep things in a routine and hopefully keep my stress levels down! DD can really work wonders! So i will keep you all updated with the quitting smoking and as to how it is going! Wish me luck guys!

Princess x


  1. Fee free to send some high blood pressure my way! I have to take medication every day because mine is too low :)


  2. lol! ok we can help each other out there! thankyou callie! glad ur a great support for my blog!

    hugs! princess x