Thursday, 10 April 2014

My Story

I thought I would write about how I got into Domestic Discipline and my feelings towards it. I remember in my early teens that I had a very strong feeling of what a strong man was. Someone who could take charge and look after me. I have no idea where this feeling came from it was just something that I knew I wanted and these feelings carried on into later life. As with alot of people who want/need domestic discipline it started off as an interest in spanking and wanting to be spanked. After alot of searching on the internet I discovered Domestic Discipline. At that time I had no clue what it was! I soon realised and was very pleased to learn that it was no way related to BDSM as this is something I am no way interested in. It all made sense, a strong man who would be in control and spank me when I needed it. This was exactly what I had been searching for and never knew it! The whole lifestyle was what I had been searching for and I now knew exactly what I needed. I then knew it was a need as much as a want. A life with rules and structure makes me very happy although to start with I wondered if I was wierd in what I needed! I came to realise that if it makes me happy then it is up to me how I lead my life, I stopped trying to work out why I need it! I just Do! When I met SirDD I finally found my perfect man! Strong and he understood Domestic Discipline perfectly. Even luckier that we fell in love and had a relationship beyond DD. After all Domestic Discipline is part of the relationship, we are a normal couple too! My feelings have not changed, I need DD and it makes me happy, very happy, I know I would not want my life any other way........I am a very lucky woman!

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